The Price of Cremation

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It comes as no surprise to people that losing a loved one comes with a price tag. On top of emotional and logistical burdens, there’s the added cost of handling their remains, hosting a gathering for family and friends, and paying for memorialization. Many people look to direct cremation as an alternative to traditional funerals or memorial services as a more affordable option.

When we receive calls from families who have just lost someone, they often ask us how much we charge for cremation. The simple answer is, since every French cremation plan is custom, so are our quotes. Every family’s needs, beliefs, and preferences are different, and their funeral should reflect them. We begin by asking questions to learn more about the family and what their needs and preferences are. Do they want a traditional funeral or a more customized celebration of life? How many people do they expect to attend? Do they want a viewing beforehand? Was the deceased a member of the military? Many details go into even the simplest arrangements, and we want to educate families about their options and provide a customized quote.

Even when a family requests a direct cremation or small, simple service with a cremation, they often ask us why our price is higher than other companies’. They’ve seen the billboards around town advertising “direct cremations” with prices printed in bold numbers, or have called and requested quotes from low-cost funeral homes before talking with a staff member at French. There are several reasons for such price discrepancies.

1. The prices listed in ads may only include some costs.

The numbers on the billboards and oftentimes the quotes given by other cremation providers may not be the total price you’ll be paying in the end. The price for cremation may be what is being advertised, but there are additional charges and fees, such as the cost of cremation containers and urns, cremation permits, death certificates, taxes, etc. In the end, you may pay much more than what you thought you would be.

At French, the quotes we give you are all-inclusive. We are always completely transparent with our costs. We encourage families to call funeral and cremation providers in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho to research and compare costs. Ask them, “Is this number similar to what I’d see on my final statement?” Tour their facilities if possible and talk to their staff, including ours.

2. Quality of care

Losing a loved one is difficult, and we believe families should be served with the utmost quality of care to help lighten the burden during this time. Several members of our staff are involved in the care of the deceased and their family. Our funeral directors, crematory operators, and clerical staff are all integral in our processes and are highly trained with extensive experience. And we believe in investing in the best people to care for our families experiencing loss.

3. Quality of facilities

We provide our families with world-class facilities, every step of the process. Comfort, ambiance, and excellence of facilities are all important elements in creating a consoling and tranquil space for families who have lost a loved one. Furthermore, the quality of our facilities that people don’t see is kept and maintained to the highest professional standards. These include our care centers, refrigerated care areas, and crematories. A funeral home and cremation facility should put a family at ease.

4. Full-service care

Another factor that can affect cremation costs is the fact that French offers more than cremation services, we are a full-service funeral home, which costs more to run. We believe families should have options, and we want to serve them exactly how they need and want to honor their loved one. From accepting a loved one into our care, to ensuring proper safeguarding, to writing and facilitating the publication of their obituary, honoring their memory and final disposition, it is our priority to provide our community’s families with everything they need to say goodbye in the way that’s best for them.

Financing options

Our utmost priority is to help make a difficult time less difficult for those grieving. This includes providing payment options that fit the needs of each family. French Funerals is proud to partner with Nusenda Credit Union in offering low-interest financing options. If you would like to learn more about our pricing or financing opportunities, please call us at any time.

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