4 Reasons to Preplan Your Cremation

There are many benefits to taking care of your cremation plans in advance.

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These days, more and more people are opting for cremation over burial when it comes to what to do with their remains when they die. Both cremation and burial are options regardless of what type of services you will have. But whether you want a lavish funeral with a team of Clydesdales driving your casket and everyone you know in attendance, or a simple, intimate affair for just your family, your final arrangements are going to require someone doing the work of making sure they happen. And, more likely than not, that responsibility will land on someone you love.

Unless you do it yourself long before that day comes. There are many benefits to preplanning your cremation and memorial services in advance. We’ve listed a few for you and your family to consider.

Your wishes are made clear.

People don’t usually like to talk about death. We get it, it’s much easier to avoid what is for many an uncomfortable topic. As a result, however, many families don’t know what mom or dad wanted when they pass. Next-of-kin are left wondering whether they would have preferred cremation or burial, have to guess where their final resting place should be, and many times end up fighting with siblings over what the right decisions are.

When your family is grappling with and grieving their loss, this adds unnecessary strain to already difficult days. Finalizing your wishes while you’re still alive leaves no questions or doubts. Your loved ones will have clear directions and they’ll be guided every step of the way by your funeral director, freeing them to grieve in a healthy way and celebrate your life. And you will have peace of mind knowing that your ashes will be scattered in that special place where you and that special someone used to spend your afternoons, as a string quartet plays a classical version of Hey Jude in the background.

Prepaying for your cremation saves money.

Advanced planning has several financial benefits for you and your family. Prepaying:

  • Prevents you from paying inevitable inflated future costs
  • Allows you to choose your cremation casket or container and your urn, so you spend exactly how much you decide
  • Prevents your family from having to make financial decisions under emotional duress
  • Ensures your money will be spent on only what you want
  • Provides money at the time of your death, rather than your family having to pay out of pocket while waiting for insurance benefits or an inheritance.

When you preplan and prepay for your cremation, your cremation and funeral plan policy is held by an insurance company and protected until the time of death. This guarantees it will be available when it’s needed. Your plan also protects you from Medicaid Spend Down when deemed irrevocable.

You lift the burden of planning from your loved ones.

Even if your final arrangements are simple, there are quite a bit of details and decisions that go into planning a cremation and any services that may accompany one. This is on top of the laundry list of things a family has to attend to in the event of a death, such as notifying friends and family members and colleagues, closing out bank and credit card accounts, obtaining a death certificate, making sure their pets and property are taken care of, etc. All this, including arranging for cremation or burial, must be done in the first 1-3 days after a person dies. Imagine having so much to do and think about when you’ve just lost someone you love dearly.

Taking care of your cremation and funeral details now means your loved ones won’t have to later. All they’ll have to do is call the funeral home you made arrangements with, answer a few questions, and the funeral director will take care of everything for them.

You gift your family time.

When a person chooses burial, they must be laid to rest relatively soon after the death occurs. Many families today don’t live in the same city or state as each other (or in some cases, even the same country), which can make travel arrangements difficult and stressful when having to rush to the funeral. By ensuring your cremation wishes are carried out, you allow your loved ones time to process their loss, notify people of the death and services, and determine when the best time to have your memorial will be. Rushed decisions add stress, and can lead to decisions family members later regret. Planning your cremation and memorial services ahead of time allows loved ones time to breathe, think, discuss, and come together to celebrate the life of someone they love—you.

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