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Grief Support and Counseling

You're Not Alone

Since experiencing the death of a close family member or friend can be overwhelming, FRENCH has developed a caring and sensitive grief counseling program to assist those who have lost a loved one, including both one-on-one counseling and online counseling resources.  FRENCH assists you in your journey through grief and loss and provides opportunities to find a new meaning and purpose in life and to begin living in a world that has now changed.   

Dr. Linda Phelps

FRENCH Grief Counseling Director

Dr. Phelps provides one-on-one grief counseling to help you begin embracing the uniqueness of your grief. She also provides opportunities for you to share your experiences with others who have gone through similar losses in her small group adult programs and workshops. The grief counseling program offers memorial services to families and friends with special memorial services offered to those who have experienced the death of a child through early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or infant death 


365 Days of Healing

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52 Weeks of Support

It's hard to know what to say when someone experiences loss. Our free weekly newsletter provides insights, quotes and messages on how to help during the first year.